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With offices in Alpharetta, GA & St. Petersburg, FL, US Permit was formally launched in 2010, though the core of the company has been in the permitting industry since 2006. We began as a local permit expediter, serving our clients in and around the metro Atlanta area. In 2008, we expanded our services to include all 50 states. Since then we have expedited thousands of permits and have performed permitting services in all states, nationwide. US Permit has developed a nationwide network of expediters, and as of 2014, no city, township or county is out of our reach and sphere of influence. With our growing client base, and continued development of permitting management tools, we continue to grow and expand our services.


United States Permit offers services to clients across the country by utilizing our large, and constantly growing network of permit expeditors. When partnering with USP, you not only get an in-house team to support your project, but also the support of a local expeditor, complete with nuanced knowledge of the local jurisdiction, and more importantly, the personal relationships with plans examiners that are sometimes the difference between an approval and more comments.

Click the map to the left to see just how expansive our network of local expediters really is!

Nathan Bear

After graduating from Georgia Tech with a BS in Building Construction and over 10 years of experience in the construction industry Nathan entered the permit expediting business over 15 years ago. Nathan has managed dozens of rollouts throughout his career. With a focus on program management & project execution, Nathan continues to develop the systems and best practices used every day at United states Permit.

Richard BurgVICE PRESIDENT/Project Management & Marketing
Richard Burg

After a successful 40 year career in Sales Management & Publishing, Richard joined US Permit in 2010. He brings well-honed communication and organizational skills to the table. He developed US Permit’s Expediting Partners Program across the USA and continues to focus on communicating with clients regarding their projects. Richard’s exuberance and excitement when difficult permits are obtained is contagious. His ability to negotiate and reason with difficult permit jurisdictions are well known in and respected in the industry. He is the everyday face of US Permit across the country.