Permit Expediting

Building Permits

We offer permitting services for a wide variety of projects, and there is no permit more common than a building permit. If you have an upcoming project, let us know! US Permit has handled every type of commercial permitting project, as minor as an Electrical Trade Permit for two new electrical outlets, and as wide in scope as ground-up projects. Contact us and let us show you how we can help.

Online Permits

More and more jurisdictions across the country are offering online permit portals. Some Permit Offices no longer accept paper permit submittals. Like all things involved in the day to day permitting spectrum the online permit process can be a difficult path to navigate. USP’s technical support team can get the job done for you affordably. We can translate complicated uploading instructions into manageable submittals and then we do our usual outstanding job of communicating permit review results in a timely fashion.

Nationwide Rollouts

US Permit has a tried and true permit management system that works well for individual projects, but that is designed to manage rollout programs. Utilizing a combination of project management tools, including our Permit Tracking Center, customized reporting and constant communication, United States Permit manages rollouts with clarity and consistency, whether it's for 10 sites or 1000 sites.

Here’s just a few of the project rollouts we have managed: